27 Dec, 2019
“2000 Gifts For The New Year With Masha Efrosinina”

On the eve of the New Year holidays, every child dreams of a fairy tale. And this fairy tale is made by the most ordinary people. And we are happy that a lot of good and kind people surround our kids.

Thanks to the project “2000 New Year’s Gifts with Masha Efrosinina”, your support charity foundation, along with Nova Poshta and hundreds of Ukrainians across the country, fulfilled the personal dreams of boarding schools pupils and child care centres.

Our kids could also send their letters to Santa Claus and receive gifts from his assistants.

In the photo you see 28 happy kids who hold their presents and give huge greetings to all the people who took part in this action ❤

When else to work miracles, if not for the New Year?

Thanks to everyone who became a part of the wonderful project, and special thanks to “Tvoya opora” Foundation and Masha Efrosinina for the idea and its implementation. Many thanks to Nova Poshta, which delivered all the gifts for free.