7 Sep, 2018
Birthdays Presents

The Centre «Gorod schastlivyh detey» («The city of happy children») since 2007 has been helping destitute kids. In the Centre such kids find their shelter and finally get into safe place.

The main mission of the Helping Centre is a care about a child, creation of the atmosphere of family coziness, giving all necessary things for full and comprehensive development, while a kid will find some family.

We help each kid to find such family in which he would like to live.

For the psychological rehabilitation of the baby it’s important to have children happy minutes of joy. Particularly, a lot of Centre kids don’t even know what Birthday celebration means.

Every month in our Centre we have Birthday celebrations. It’s an important part of our life, because all these days are long-awaited. Tutors and kids prepare postcards, poems and greetings. And here are some presents for everyone – it’s also an important part of the celebration… but not always there are the same gifts.

It’s so good that we’re surrounded by the most wonderful people on the planet.

The group of young, active and kind volunteers bought our kids a lot of gifts, which we’ll present on our munchkins’ birthdays!

Here are some dolls, constructor and creative packages.

We believe that Birthdays celebrations will become a part of real childhood holiday and thanks to the gifts we can show our kids how they must spend these happy minutes.

Thanks to Sasha Churina Артем Чурин (Artem Churin) Сергей Пивторак (Sergey Sergey) Inna Bondar Alexander Storokha Юлий Лечехлеб Вера Богатырёва for all gifts ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ We hug you and wish all your good will pay off handsomely!