A toy

On a photo usual “Bezzubik”, and for Sasha it is a sign of stability and an opportunity to trust the psychologist, and for the psychologist is a set of stories of children’s lives and experiences. Every time, having come into an office whether the boy checks on the place “Bezzubik”. The small toy is one of assistant psychologists because children through game can tell both about themselves, and about the requirements, and about the desires therefore they are extraordinary value! The toy can reincarnate in different roles, at first to be an enemy, then the defender, and subsequently and the friend. And this experience which is got by the child in safe conditions of an office, he will be able to transfer to the life at first in the Center, and then and in a new family. Now I understand why so it is sometimes important to keep a childhood toy because in it there can be extraordinary a resource for the mature owner. And you have a toy of the childhood and story with her?

Irina Tsiluyko, psychologist