Mission, activities, goals

We help children


The Center “Home of Happy Children” in 2007 helps disadvantaged children. The Center kids are finally find shelter and get to safety. These are children who have experienced too much – violence, starvation, they were thrown their parents, some of whom died close and they just do not matter.

The Center of Help “Home of happy children” brought up children who were not given happiness to live with Mom and Dad. Each child has experienced a tragedy, but they have seen the full unsanitary conditions, alcohol and drug dependent parents, adult psychiatric problem, violence, malnutrition and even starvation.

The Center provides children need: food, housing, education. At the same time begins the socio-psychological rehabilitation after they experienced tragedies. In addition, all kids receive the necessary medical care.

Each child who goes to the Service Center, is a full examination. The results show that every other kid has a chronic disease, and none of the children cannot be called healthy. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system with 100% of children, reducing the immune system – 5%, diseases of the cardiovascular system – 5%, visual impairment – 10%. During the activities of the charitable organization “City of Happy Children” children were operated with strabismus, athlete, hernias; kids with severe diagnoses: HIV / AIDS, diabetes, dwarfism, heart disease, tuberculosis – all of them were rehabilitated.


The Centers were created to help children who’re:

  • abandoned by their parents (left in hospitals, nursing homes, and whose parents are in prison);
  • have been abused (physically, sexually);
  • orphans (whose parents have died);
  • found on the street (beggars, “travelers”);
  • taken from families where there was a threat to child’s health or life (children who had been starved, who had been left unattended for a long time, whose needs had been ignored).

The Center aims to provide a variety of services that provide living conditions of children close to family. The main goal of the Center is to adapt, rehabilitation and development.

The Centers carry out their work in the following areas:

  • providing all necessary facilities (24 hours room contents, food, clothing);
  • medical rehabilitation, treatment of chronic diseases (HIV, allergies, diabetes, rickets), performing required surgery (strabismus, clubfoot);
  • annual rehabilitation of children (according to the types of diseases and needs of children);
  • psychological rehabilitation (working with children’s fears, reappraisal of violence and feelings over the loss of loved ones);
  • correction of educational neglect (most children who get into our Center, didn’t attend any schools, reaching school age);
  • children’s rights and interests protection;
  • children’s placement in the families.

All the children and staff of the Center BU “Home of Happy Children” thank those who took part in our lives and helps the Center. As long as Ukraine and abroad are people who are aware of the responsibility and the need to help disadvantaged children, these kids are not left without any support. Thanks to the good people informed and children who were not given happiness to live in the family find their refuge in rehab “Home of Happy Children” that gets the job done with only the support of sponsors and benefactors.

As long as we have someone to take care of and protect someone, our life has a special meaning.