Seminar from our psychologist

“Responding to the needs of the child in a timely manner and satisfying them, you form the child’s life positions: I trust adults, I know what I feel, I trust the world, the world is safe enough for me.”

Having a huge experience working with children, our psychologist Center – Irina Basista September 13 is holding a seminar that is dedicated to the relationship with children. Here they will talk about the child’s psychological needs in relationships with his mother or with other important adults. And they will also consider the needs, how they are, how they can be satisfied.

Correctly and in time meeting the needs of the child, leads to intimacy, freedom and understanding of each other.

Quite on time, the need gives the child the opportunity to grow and develop, be self-confident, spontaneous and successful in adulthood.

The seminar will be interesting:

* Mom and future mothers;

* Dads and papules;

* To all those who work with children;

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Ira, thank you for working with our children with such love and professionalism. And there is a desire to share their experiences with other adults