Things for September 1

Things for September 1

A project has been assembled that will provide our children with things on September 1

Autumn is approaching, and with it the “First Bell” holiday. Thanks to your support, our children from the second group will be dressed in beautiful shirts, trousers and sarafans. Https://

Children are the greatest value. But unfortunately, not everyone knows about this. The “City of Happy Children” help center receives children “from the street”, children who have fallen into difficult circumstances and survived the tragedy. Children who are simply abandoned by parents, children who require our warmth with you. In the Center, they fall physically weakened, with various chronic illnesses and with psychological trauma.

Center “City of Happy Children” since 2007 helps disadvantaged children. In the Center, such children find shelter and finally find themselves in a safe place. These are children who experienced too much – violence, starvation, they were abandoned by their own parents, in some of them relatives died, and now they just do not need anyone.

At the Center, children are provided with necessary – clothing, food, medical assistance. Here begins psychological rehabilitation – the “salvation” of children after all that they had to see and experience. And this is the most difficult – after all, the internal “wounds” of the baby are harder to treat than the wounds on the tholes. The center’s center is to help children return to normal life and strengthen them spiritually and physically. Each has its own cot and a room. Comfort, as in the present house – the basis of restoration.

All the children go to regular schools and soon on September 1, and we did not even have shirts and trousers, so that children could go to school. Still not enough shoes.

Thanks to 94 benefactors who supported our project on the website of the Ukrainian Philanthropic Markeplace. You are wonderful!