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Children are the most valuable treasure. But know this, unfortunately, not all. In the Help Center “Home of happy children” get children “on the street”, children in difficult circumstances and survived the tragedy. Children who are simply abandoned by their parents; children who need our warmth. In the Center they get physically weakened, with various chronic diseases and psychological trauma. To “save” and rehabilitation of the baby is very important house in which he lives, warm and cozy.

Center “Home of happy children” helps disadvantaged children since 2007. In the Center of such kids find shelter and protection from alcoholic parents, parents of addicts. These are children who have experienced too much – violence, hunger, they were thrown into their own mother and father, someone of them died close and they just are not wanted.

The Center provides children need – clothing, food, medical care. Immediately begins psychological rehabilitation – “rescue” children after all that they had to see and experience. And this is the most difficult – after all internal wounds heal baby is harder than the wounds on the body.

The Centre’s mission is to help children return to normal life and to strengthen them spiritually and physically. Everyone has a bed and bathroom. Comfort, as in the present building is the foundation of recovery. First, almost all the children of the Centre have never lived in normal conditions, and they welcome any “their” area. Secondly, physical health can be restored only if the baby is eating well, living in warmth and comfort.

“Home of Happy Children” – a Service Center, whose main purpose is to care for the child, for him to create an atmosphere of family comfort, providing everything you need for a full and comprehensive development until the child is there family.

We help each child find a family in which I would like to live.

Charitable organization “Home of happy children” is a non-profit organization and exists only by voluntary donations and everyone can help us in our work.
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Each of us has such special features as kindness, mercy and compassion. In addition, each of us makes a decision personally of how to use these qualities. The ability to love, the ability to take care and to be happy, to appreciate and to share these treasures are such a behavior and attitudes of each of us to have pleasure to show children.

Lilia Dmytryshyna, president of charitable organization


Open your soul, open the door of your life to the most incredible creature on the Earth – a child.

Find a place in your heart for a kid, and you’ll fulfill your loneliness by unselfish care and love. Bring a child in a family where you’ll be happy together.

Lidia Novak, director of the Center for Children “Home of Happy Children”