12 Feb, 2019
Gifts from the best girls

In our Centre, the wards from the 3rd group, where there are elder kids, we have a good tradition – to sing and dance every evening. What else is needed for happiness when the soul is singing and requires new impressions?))) But there was a problem with these entertainments, because there were no speakers that could loudly hear music and sing along with fancy performers of modern hits, which the kids really adore.

Miracles always happen in our home and on the New Year’s Eve charming girls Anna Pugacheva, Marina Lavrenyuk, Irina Kulinka, Ira Kubrak, Alena Golubka, Yana Trostenok, Savchenko Vika, Yulia Melnik came to us and made kids’ dream come true! Music, professional speakers with a microphone ❤️ So that little ones can not only dance, but also sing their favorite songs and give themselves vivid emotions.

We sincerely thank the girls for the surprise, expensive gift and feeling of happiness that kids receive every day from cheerful dance and vocal evenings!

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