9 Oct, 2019
Help has no borders

Distance does not matter when it comes to help and good intentions ❤ It’s happened that our benefactors live not only in Ukraine, but also abroad! We are very happy that our Helping Centre for kids is getting help from afar. After all,  someone else’s kids do not exist ❤

The magical @Luba RO together with friends raised charity help of $ 5800  for the Centre “The City of Happy Children”, which we directed to resolve the hottest issues. This includes the repairing of the Centre, our bus, the manufacture and purchasing of the cribs, heating and utilities.

We really thank our benefactors who help us from afar! Thank you for knowing and supporting the activities of our Centre, which has been working for disadvantaged children from all over the country for 11 years!

It is very valuable for us to feel your support and warmth!

Children and adults say hello to you  ❤