27 Nov, 2019
Means That Help Children In The Rehabilitation Process

They are very diverse and all are important. Our friends give us some, such as a balancing chair from “Inclusion: rehabilitation and correction equipment (Lviv city)”  ❤ This helps a lot in the work, our psychologist Elena says.

“ADHD is one of the most common behavioral disorders, at least 3% of schoolchildren have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or hyperkinetic disorder. It manifests itself in overly active behavior, severity of attention, impulsivity, expressed inappropriate to age, and lead to impaired functioning of the child in leading areas of life.

In conditions of untimely assistance, there are possible concomitant complications: disadaptation, emotional tension, social problems etc. ADHD is one of the most investigated types of disorders, so psychologists have strategies and methods of help in their arsenal. Among them, a balancing chair (Nelson’s chair), which promotes concentration, is used as a component of sensory integration, neuropsychological correction.”