About us

Centre “The home of happy children” has been helping dispossessed children since 2007.Our main aim is the care about children, to create the atmosphere of some family coziness for them, to support them with all necessary things for full and all-round development while the kid is searching for his family. We help to find such family for every child, where he’ll want to live in.
The Centers were created to help children who’re:
abandoned by their parents
(left in hospitals, nursing homes, and whose parents are in prison)
have been abused
(physically, sexually)
taken from families where there was a threat to child’s health or life
(children who had been starved, who had been left unattended for a long time, whose needs had been ignored)
found on the street
(beggars, “travelers”)
(whose parents have died)
The Centers carry out their work in the following areas:
providing all necessary facilities
(24 hours room contents, food, clothing)
medical rehabilitation, treatment of chronic diseases
(HIV, allergies, diabetes, rickets), performing required surgery (strabismus, clubfoot)
correction of educational neglect
(most children who get into our Center, didn’t attend any schools, reaching school age)
psychological rehabilitation
(working with children’s fears, reappraisal of violence and feelings over the loss of loved ones)
annual rehabilitation of children
(according to the types of diseases and needs of children)
- Orphans’ problems in Ukraine
- Our mission
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Every month until the 10th we prepare a financial report, where we indicate all the donations received and what we spent on them.
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