5 Jul, 2018
Very Important Helping Project for Our Centre Was Gathered

When our wards firstly come to our Centre (and it’s realized in different ways: who’s from the streets, dirty houses, from the fists of some drunk parents) they seem like some little wolves. They don’t trust the adults because of the beating frightening. They cower in the corners in the little connection tries. They accept all world with hostility.

To recall such hurting psyche in normal condition is rather complicated process. That’s why we have 2  psychologists who work hard in our Centre. They professionally create the rehabilitation programme for every child individually, 24 hours a day in connection. Gradually the kids become calm, begin to percept the world adequately  and turn back to the childhood.

We’re happy that among us there is a lot of caring people who with their support fasten this complicated process. Thanks to the project on the platform Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, we’ve gathered money for paying salaries to our two psychologists during the year.

Thanks everyone, who took part in the flash mob #friendwhohears and who made contribution in this project. Thanks to you there are more responsive and empathetic people who work with our kids.