22 Jun, 2018
We’re Together in All Bright Moments of Life

For every child, educator is the closest, save human, who accepts, forgives an helps in one of the hardest moments of such a small life..

When the kid comes to such uncomfortable for everyone adolescence, namely educators become for them a role model and crying shoulder, day by day, year by year. Sometimes it seems that these strong, but still, young-aged people haven’t anything – just their work in the Centre and they go home for changing and have some rest.

It turns out that these super people do a lot of things – study, develop, travel, fall in love and get married.

But even in such a day, when the new stage begins, and it’s worryingly and joyfully at the same time, the kids are around. Our incredible Harbar Oksana got married, and the whole team, her wonderful inmates congratulate this beautiful sunny girl and her dearie , and sincerely wish some happiness, harmony and well-being.

We love and appreciate our Oksana, who with her dedication proves the axiom that the Centre is not only some job, but also an important part of her life.