12 Mar, 2019
Your Help Is Always Near

In one click and from the big kind hearts, the support of our benefactors comes to us.

A charity project was gathered to help in making cosmetic repair at the Centre ❤

For a year, the walls in the Helping Centre were peeling off, they aren’t bright and did not correspond to the raising of mood, the educators simply do not know what to do. A lot of things need to be simply remove on your own, but there are no materials (paint the furniture in the kitchen, fix the beds, etc.). We gathered funds for various materials that will help put everything in order.

Thanks to the three benefactors – Kate, an anonymous benefactor and our permanent guardian angel George, the sum for the project is collected! Thank you, George, for a significant contribution.

When kids are on holidays, we will make repairs at the Centre and share with you all the beauties!

Thank you for being there and helping our Home to be and make kids happy!