Orphans’ problems in Ukraine

Every year there are nearly 8000 new orphans and kids without paternal guardianship in Ukraine. The main causes are: hard material circumstances of parents, drinking and drugs, violent behavior with children.
Today there are 744 state and municipal care establishments in which 105 783 orphans and children without parental protection live.
In 2017, 7 millions UAH were allocated for them. Meanwhile 85 % of the funds are for the maintenance of apartments and workers’ salary, and only 15% - for children needs.
It means that we spend 27 UAH a day, from which – 23 UAH for the nutrition, 3 UAH for clothes, and only 1 UAH for the medical treatment. The numbers are shocking, they not only speak for themselves, they scream!
In 2015 only 3 212 babies were adopted, in 2016 it’s almost half of that number – only 1868. The statistics of this year can hardly be optimistic, because it’s like a mirror of economical deterioration in the country.
Arranging a child in family forms