5 Apr, 2021
Achievements’ Board

Our monthly tradition is the achievements’ board. This is an opportunity to thank children for their academic success, in communication, in helping around the house, in personal goals. This month we have these smart kids:

And the group №1:

Ilya – learned how to make the bed, became attentive and active in the classroom, learned to play together with children, is interested in making cartoons and began to express his opinion in full sentences.

Group №2:

Murad – became calm and balanced in the expression of emotions. He learned to understand and control my actions and behaviour. She has formed a useful habit of doing homework on his own and with a smile.

Group №3:

Victoria – learned to express her opinion in a more detailed and concretized manner. She made great achievements in learning, especially in Maths, doing exercises every day and playing active games.

Our teacher Zoya, who has been with our children for so many years, is attentive to every child, loves them and teaches all the best.