5 Jun, 2021
Achievements’ Board, or Oscar for Success

A monthly tradition of rewarding children for their academic, social and daily achievements. It is very important for us, adults,  that children see and feel our support and gratitude.

1st  group

Masha has learned how to dress and make her own bed on her own, to seek help from educators and gladly responds to requests to help others. Very nice, smiling and charming.

2nd group

Gleb and Valery – learned to negotiate and interact with educators; have formed a habit of asking for help and talking about their needs; found common interests with kids.

3rd group

Vlad is trying to study on his own and has already improved his performance in many subjects, negotiates with educators and abides by all agreements. With pleasure he comes to the rescue.

Diana has become more open and learned to calmly react to any stressful situations, continues to study well.

Among the educators, children awarded Diana for her warmth, care and support.