30 Sep, 2015
Adoption Day

Today, in day of a big orthodox holiday – Day of Saint martyrs Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov and mother of their Sofia, Ukraine celebrates Day of adoption. It is day of adoptive parents, tutors of orphanages of family type, teachers, doctors, everything who is involved in adoption and protection of the rights of the child. It is day of pleasure of thousands and thousands of girls and boys who found happiness in the loving and careful families. This day it is accepted to express sincere gratitude to people with big and sensitive heart for love of children, their daily work and patience. Special recognition is deserved by family which accepted on education of disabled children, children with HIV infection and other serious illnesses. Every year the number of the families wishing to take the child deprived of parental caress increases in Ukraine — society becomes more humane and more attentive to others pain. We wish to people who weren’t frightened of difficulties and decided to adopt the child, it is more than patience, forces, a good health and mutual understanding with new family members!