19 Jan, 2016
Category “A member of the Centre. Private.” Part 1

Hi, expensive! You remember, we acquainted you with our staff of the Center? Now we want to go further 🙂 Now we begin a heading “the Employee of the Center. Personal”. It means that every week you will learn some interesting facts from life of our adults who work with children. Intrigued? We hope, what yes 🙂 And таааак! We begin! “Employee of the Center. Personal”. Part 1. All of you already know our favourite Trostyanchuk Natalya smiling kind and light. Natalya the nurse of the Center also watches of children over health. But don’t know that Natalya very much likes to cross stitch! It does even pictures! It is very laborious work and ability to be assidious. Still our Natasha plays sports, gymnastics. Natalya the physician also knows that sport it is very important. It is always necessary to be in good shape, to be healthy and to set a good example of children 🙂 Here such affairs. Here such good Natasha at us! All it is kind! The heading proceeds!