17 Jul, 2015
Center employees. Part 6

We continue heading “Employee of the” today tell our Head of Department Center – Oksana Sklyar. Good, educated, always friendly and responsible girl. Oksana is a specialist on the methodology and methods of education. On the responsibility and love monitors each child and loves his job. On our way Oksana described their attitude to work with disadvantaged kids “Everyone sooner or later realize that the Earth is these children who remain out of sight of adults who feel lonely and have no support. Someone decides to take such a child into care or adopt someone runs a charity and support these children financially, and some volunteers and sends these children their skills and time. I – indifferent try to help people find their way not to remain aloof disadvantaged children. ” Oksana, we are glad that you are part of our big family! Inspiration to you in your business!