21 Jul, 2015
Center employees. Part 7

The heading “Employee of the Center” proceeds. Today we acquaint you with Dmitrenko Lesya. Lesya – the tutor of younger group. In free time Lesya is fond of books, music, art, sport, dances, foreign languages, healthy food, I travel. “Why I work for a question in the center?”,Lesya gave a definite answer: “The purpose of my life – improvement of the world and self-development. I work in the center because I adore children. There is a wish though a little to make them happier, and the world is kinder. I work since 2013. What results of work I see? At efforts and the appendix the maximum of efforts can be reached result, let small, but it is already small victory. I see results of work daily, I see as kids from kidneys turn into remarkable florets) That is pleasant in work? The teacher is a noble work. Teachers are given chance to teach children, to learn not only the diploma, but also to help to cope with various situations, emotions, learns to trust adults, to believe in itself and the forces.” Lesya – you is beautiful! We love you!