13 Oct, 2015
Cleaning of the territory

The main thing for the wise parent – not to miss the moment and from the very beginning not to discourage at the child to cleaning. Children follow an example of the parents is the fact. And that the child understood that such an order, he has to observe it day by day. And therefore children follows actively – but, whenever possible, in a game, but not compulsory form – to involve in usual house cleaning. Even дитю won’t prevent to tell the smallest that to garbage on a floor not a place, to allow to be taken for a broom, to show how it is necessary to sweep or allow “to drive” a rag on a floor. Certainly, it won’t teach the kid to wash the floors and to sweep, however will allow it to perceive cares on the house as an integral part of everyday life. The example tutors show as to clean and children are actively connected to it. Today cleaned leaves on the street the Center yard.

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