22 Dec, 2015
Culinary master classes for parents

One of the areas of work of our Center is a work with candidates who in the future will become parents for our children. Sometimes, when our pupils settle in families abroad, their future will be connected not only with moving to other climatic zone, but also to new culture with new culinary tastes. In a certain degree, for children it unusually and demands additional efforts for adaptation in the conditions of a new family. Here we also decided to teach candidates for adoptive parents to prepare dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. Having consulted and having defined tastes of our children, we chose for this purpose some their favourite dishes. Now we can be sure that vareniki with different stuffings, zrazas from potatoes, pancakes with cheese will prepare in their new families, also tasty, as well as on their Homeland! We chose as the following subject for our international culinary master class the Ukrainian Borsch – a dish which love around the world. And at some hostesses it after trips to Ukraine becomes nearly the main course! Therefore, in the culinary plan for our children it is possible to be quiet!

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