30 Aug, 2016
Dream to go to school

Friends, we need your kindness and desire to make this world it is better. In several days children need to go to school and we have many small brand new children who even have no footwear (((

But this news not about clothes and footwear, and about backpacks without which not one school student won’t do.

By September 1 we dream to receive:

6 backpacks boyish small for first graders

2 backpacks maiden small for first graders

6 backpacks for children of 8 – 10 years

3 backpacks for girls of 8-10 years

If you have an opportunity to get backpacks for our children, then we will be in the seventh heaven! For communication with the Center for an occasion of backpacks, you can call our Ivanna 0968670365, 0731551581. She will tell all details and will tell when and as it is possible to transfer gifts.