4 Nov, 2015
Give the children warm and cozy

Children – the most great value. But not all know it, unfortunately. Children “from the street”, the children who endured difficult circumstances and tragedies get to Center of the help “Home of happy children”. Children who were thrown simply by parents, children who need our heat. They get to the Center physically weakened, with various chronic diseases and with psychological injuries. For “rescue” and rehabilitation of such kid it is extremely important the house in which he lives, it is warm on cozy the house. Main goal of the project is fund raising for payment of utilities of the Center of the help “Home of happy children” where help children, endured a lot of grief and failures. In a month 35 053,65 UAH are spent for utilities. Now it is just necessary to raise funds for 2 months of payment of utilities therefore the total amount of collecting makes 70 107,30 UAH. 15 000 are already collected. And even 1 UAH is a huge help! https://ubb.org.ua/en/project/1659/