24 Apr, 2020
Good deeds do not go to quarantine

We are proud that our volunteers are in quarantine, but their good deeds are not! After all, children need help in spite of any even unpleasant circumstances.

Our team of fundraisers continues to run their virtual kilometers of goodness to help the Centre.

Within the framework of the Run Ukraine Spring Fundraising Marathon and the Ukrainian Charity Exchange, 10 wonderful people who care about the fate of the kids are urging everyone to support their projects. All collected projects will allow us to pay utilities for our Helping Centre for three months ❤ This means that kids will live in a beautiful, safe and comfortable home, where there is always light, water and all necessary communications.

You can see the projects of our benefactors and support in one click on the links below.

Please do not be indifferent! Join in good deeds!

Vladislav Rudenko and Irina Rudenko – https://ubb.org.ua/uk/project/5873/

Anastasia Novolotskaya – https://ubb.org.ua/en/project/5877/

Valeria Kruk – https://ubb.org.ua/uk/project/5879/

Tatyana Boltik and Anna Soluyanova – https://ubb.org.ua/en/project/5875/

Ivanna Vozna – https://ubb.org.ua/en/project/5874/

Elena Strilets – https://ubb.org.ua/project/5919/

Svetlana Luchkan – https://ubb.org.ua/en/project/5871/

Julia Miroshnichenko – https://ubb.org.ua/ru/project/5876/

Anatoly Kondratyuk – https://ubb.org.ua/en/project/5878/

Olga Mendel – https://ubb.org.ua/uk/project/5929/

We are very grateful to everyone involved in the help!

We’re running together ❤