1 Dec, 2015
Good English

BUY Individual occupations – dress the CHILD

Quite so the action initiated by the fine company – is called as School of English of Green Forest!! It is charitable auction of individual occupations. For the first time during existence of school of the teacher suggest you to buy individual occupation! But not simple, but charitable. Time in some days on a page of school photos of teachers from different regions which are ready to give individual classes on any subject are exposed. The minimum rate for occupation of each of teachers – 80 UAH. Everything who is signed on the page of school, will be able to raise within 24 hours a rate under the photo of the TEACHER (not under a post) which occupations they want to buy. The one who will offer the highest rate, will have an opportunity to attend individual class with the chosen teacher and independently to choose a subject. On ALL raised money it will be bought winter clothes for children from our center thanks to the project at the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace “Instead of candies and tangerines – warm clothes” by https://ubb.org.ua/en/project/1848/. Already today you can help children and improve English! We hope, among you there are a lot of hazardous philanthropists. Thanks to Green Forest school for such remarkable initiative! Thanks for desire to make this world better and to help children!