26 Apr, 2016
How it to live without water and light?

Ours Center needs support!

The Home of Happy Children center since 2007 helps unfortunate children. Such children find a shelter in the Center and at last get to the safe place. These are children who have endured too much – violence, starvation, they have been thrown by own parents, in some of them relatives have died and they just are necessary to nobody.

The Center of children provides necessary – clothes, food, medical care. Here psychological rehabilitation – “rescue” of children after all that they had to see and endure begins. And this most difficult – internal “wounds” of the kid it is more difficult to treat, than body wounds.

But without light, water the Center won’t be able to exist… Unfortunately, such here bureaucratic things can not allow to the Center to carry out the mission.

Main goal of the project is fund raising for payment of utilities of the Center of the help “The Home of happy children” for May and June where help the children who have endured a lot of grief and failures. In a month 14 121,74 UAH are spent for utilities. Now it is just necessary to raise funds for 2 months of payment of utilities therefore the total amount of collecting makes 28 243, 48 UAH

The center lives philanthropists only with money and without your help to us not to cope!

It is possible to support the project on the website of the Ukrainian Exchange of Charity in one click and from 1 UAH according to the reference.