4 Dec, 2014
How to bring up a friendly child?

In modern society many parents consider that it is important to develop self-respect and ability to stand for itself for a child. Forming of friendliness not taken into account, and often ignored in general. But some children show to us, that a compassion and friendliness to other are eternal values.

    Some recommendations:

  • Constantly repeat to the children, that you value and love them.
  • Think of and set forth clear rules, that can’t be done, and that it is possible.
  • If your kid did a good deed, it’s needed to praise him. Say that he is very careful.
  • Let to your children homework. Not important, that it will be after work: caring at domestic animals or help in cleaning up. Important that a kid participated in domestic business. It stimulates interest in other people and sense of responsibility.

Rules will bring no benefit, if your behavior falls short of to the words! Children copy all around them and do good deeds more often if they see parents who are doing the same. So give love and attention to your children, and they will grow up good and friendly people.