11 Aug, 2015
Important and dear guest

It is so pleasant when our pupils whom we let out, come to us on a visit. Here Mikhail. We gave him in seven 5 years ago when he was still the little boy. Since then, we constantly communicate, we say hello each other, he together with parents gives to our children gifts and doesn’t forget adults who once helped it in hard times. Now is the grown-up young guy who works with a tree, helps parents about the house, is able to untwist and curtail a tractor, rides the motorcycle, and helps to look after the little sister who became part of their family recently. On a photo Mikhail communicates with the social teacher YuryKashpur, the doctor Oksana Yurchik and the psychologist Natalya Pashko. They were in due time people who helped to go to the child through difficult times, to find forces and hope for the better future. Helped to find people who became for the boy support and a joy, a new family which is so necessary for each child.

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