14 May, 2015
L’KAFA CAFE helps children!

Our friends assistants and permanent L’kafa Group – Net оf restaurants not only help kids of our center and have decided to go further and have a cool event – Sound_of_Hope charity party in his restaurant. In this Saturday, May 16 at the L’KAFA CAFE street Grishko 8 – In held the first charity party karaoke. This charity project network L’KAFA CAFE # Sound_of_Hope jointly with Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace designed to help children with hearing impairments. We can change our future for the better – make it brighter and better! Come in L’KAFA CAFE street Grishko 8 – B, favorite song to sing, chat with friends or eat and thus help children hear the world! All proceeds from the tickets will be transferred to the project # SOUND_of_Hope on UBB And a project supported by Ukrainian stars Eugene cloud, Daria Kovtun Natalia Gordienko, Maria Yaremchuk and PAVLIK. Come and sing with the stars!