22 Nov, 2019
Minutes Outside the Centre

Our grown-up children from the 3rd group require special attention. These are teenagers and everyone who knows what it is understands that here you need to be very attentive to feelings, moods and be able to listen to desires.

As it happens that teens need  time outside the group and the Centre. They are interested in just walking alone (in our case with the educator), talking about what’s bothering and just telling how they are doing.

This is a good tradition in our Centre, because children themselves choose the format of such a walk, what they will do and how to spend their time.

At the weekend there was a walk with Sasha. She has a difficult period of rethinking life, working on herself and returning faith in adults.

Together with the educator Diana, they walked in the park, drank cappuccino, ate sweets and just talked about feelings.

Such necessary minutes outside the Centre ❤