30 Jun, 2016
Now children in safety

Hello, friends! In our City of Happiness new inhabitants – Ania, Anton, Pasha and Alexey. Now they have beds, beautiful clothes, tasty food and it is a lot of interesting toys! But the most important, they at last for the first time, perhaps, are surrounded by people who precisely know that children need care, caress, gentle embraces and attention, but not a beating, sneers and painful accusations at all. Friends, be attentive! There is no wish to trust in it, but the child whose life is daily threatened by danger can live in the neighboring apartment. Be not indifferent if you have noticed something disturbing or have heard!!! Call the police, or report in district service for children. Little boys and girls shall play in a sand, learn to ride a bike and mold the sun from plasticine, but not to hide under a bed from fists of own mother! On a photo Ania, Anton, Pasha and Alexey already in the center. A difference how they have arrived enormous here. And all this difference in care and love. To help to go to camp it is possible for them here: https://ubb.org.ua/uk/project/2311/. The project on utilities of the Center here: https://ubb.org.ua/uk/project/2193/