8 Feb, 2021
Our People. Part 2. Aleksandr

We keep talking about the amazing people around us.

These are people who have  become a part of our kids’ lives long time ago, a reliable support for our Centre and the same constant volunteers who support, devote their time, give presents, their attention and warmth. We want to shout words of gratitude, respect and love to our volunteers to the whole world. That is why we want to introduce you to some of them (not everyone wants to be present in the public world, and we respect everyone’s desire).


It is difficult to find a more sincere person than Sasha. He is so attentive, kind, always with a smile (even under the mask).

Sasha frequently comes to the children with his friends from the “Good Samaritans” organization. Meetings with Aleksandr are full of new knowledge, extraordinary emotions of happiness and benefit.

In class with children, Sasha talks about goodness, about moral norms, ethics, about feelings and friendship. All this takes place in a very interesting and creative way. The kids really like it. And when Sasha appears at the door, you can see how happy the kids are with his visits.

Sasha, thank you for being around. You make this world a better place!

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