27 Apr, 2020
Our Valera’s Birthday

Exactly a year ago, this wonderful boy was transferred to our Centre. He was very scared, anxious and very worried about everything that was happening. Then he was very surprised that all the kids and adults congratulated him on his birthday, because before his birthdays had not been celebrated.

A year has passed and this is a completely different child. Bright, open, cheerful. This is the best example of what love and warmth do to children.

We congratulate our boy on the holiday and wish good health, close friends, happiness, fulfillment of all desires and the best family!

For a real holiday and a sweet table for all the children, thanks a lot to the Kombinat confectionery ❤ This was a dream cake! Thanks for this surprise!

For gifts, as always, we thank our regular friends and volunteers – Lilia Rybkina and her friends. You make the holidays unforgettable and special! Thanks!

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