Charity instead the souvenirs

This social initiative is for the companies, which are ready to abandon the purchases of  corporate souvenirs for the holiday in favour of a good deed. We offer to enumerate the budget for help to our wards of “The home of happy children” partially or fully. And as gift to give partners, clients and team workers of your company some postcard that was made by our kids.

New Year is an unconditional leader in the gifts’ race, and it is the time when the biggest number of companies takes their part. But every holiday it’s better to present something that is necessary. The 6th of December, the 8th of March. the professional day and campaign manager’s birthday can be the reason for “Charity instead the souvenirs”.

For the foundation it is the unique chance to give children all necessary medicines and household things. And for the companies – to solve problems with presents fundamentally and to bring a real wonder – the chance for a full-on life.