19 Oct, 2015
Project “Borshch”

Friends, our children took part in very interesting project. The Borsch project based by the remarkable woman Lara Korotenko, a fine example of that to creativity isn’t present a limit. Having inspired by hobby of the daughter who brought a heap of vegetables from a kitchen garden and I started them photographing, Lara decided to create a collection of children’s things a print on which would draw children. So our children made the version of the Borsch of the Center and gave picture which Lara, in turn, will turn into drawing on fabric. It will be a masterpiece which has to become a new and modern trend. Lara came to us to the Center, presented a heap of emotions, cups with Borsch drawings which children created. And still there was a sweet table, entertainments and art competitions. Lara, thank you for opportunity to become part of such creative and interesting project! We wish you success and we hope that the whole world will hear you and your collection soon! On video you will see as it was. And further we will share photos since a holiday.

To see more photos, please follow the link.