23 Apr, 2015
Psychologists of the Center help immigrants

Since March 2015, psychologist Service Center “City of Happy Children” Natalia Pashko and therapist GorbenkoVitali, in cycles of crisis psychologists called “war trauma, organized humanitarian Staff RinatAkhmetov,” was orhanizuvana psychological work with families of settlers who were populated our Centre at the address. Porika 13-b. At the time of placement, being shocked state, adults only thought about how to get a “shelter” and provide the necessities of their children. And this was the first necessary assistance to immigrants. Only later, after a few months, oblashtuvavshys rooms, getting necessities, food, medicines, finding work, arranging children to schools – adults began to seek psychological help for themselves and their children. Current issues are: feelings about the loss of loved ones, war actions they have experienced a difficult move, breaking relations with family and friends, diseases of children and fears. And that willingness to talk about the traumatic event is the first step to healing. It is important not to leave these people alone with their experiences.