10 Sep, 2015
Remembering the summer holidays. Part 2

Each child who gets to the Center of the help, passes full inspection. Results show that every second kid has a chronic disease and from children it is impossible to call healthy. Diseases of the musculoskeletal device have 100% of children, decrease in immune system – 5%, diseases of cardiovascular system – 5%, sight violations – 10%. During activity of the charitable organization “City of Happy Children” children with squint, mycoses, hernias were operated; children with heavy diagnoses HIV / AIDS, diabetes, dwarfism, heart disease, tuberculosis were rehabilitated. Summer improvement is extremely necessary as it is directed on fixing of effect of the emergency medical care which children receive in the Center during the autumn and spring period, on prevention of diseases, activation of processes of strengthening of immunity and regenerative opportunities of an organism of the child, the foundation for reduction of number of recurrence of chronic diseases is laid. We are so grateful to you for opportunity to revitalize our children!

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