19 Feb, 2022
Self Change Board

Now our monthly traditional Achievement Board will be different. We pay great attention to this event. Now we’ll tell you why.

Our Centre and the children had a very difficult period. First, quarantine. In March, it will be two years since the whole world plunged into a big pandemic. The kids were almost constantly at home, there was no opportunity to visit and study the world around them, the distance school, the inability to open doors for all willing volunteers, limited contacts and dismissals of educators. The solution of children’s social issues was greatly delayed due to lockdowns and non-working at full capacity of all state bodies.

It is difficult for children to experience any changes, especially when they are fast or completely outdated in decision.

Our specialists work seven days a week to stabilize the emotional state of our kids, give them peace and comfort.

It’s been hard for all of us, but we’re doing well.

Therefore, this month we decided to reward many children for the titanic changes.

1st group

Artur – in a short time at the Centre managed to find friends, show sociability to peers. Dances with pleasure. In general, this is a great, sweet boy.

2nd group

The children of the second group became friendlier and learned to listen to their teachers. They know how to help and support each other. Learned to listen to the needs of others. They know how to care.

3rd group

Aslan – began to fulfill his duties more carefully, treat school tasks more responsibly and independently perform them; take responsibility for his actions; help other children and educators.



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