11 Jan, 2022

To tell you that during the period of Sofia’s stay in our Centre the girl has changed incredibly is to tell nothing. Almost a year and a half ago, they brought us a five-year-old child who did not know her name, didn’t speak, didn’t know how to eat, dress and wash on her own. Our tutors have made a real miracle. Now our Sonechka is like the sun: sincere, friendly, chirping, smart. Yes, this is the merit of our employees. After all, during this time no one came to the girl, although her mother lives very close to our town. Sonya is actively studying the world around her, catching up with her peers by leaps and bounds, getting ready for school, because she is already six. And she is waiting for a new family: loving dad and mom, who will pick up our beginnings and, with their care and patience, will give Sofia the future.