21 Feb, 2022
Thanks to Our Regular Volunteers  

We want to express our deep gratitude to those who have been with us for years. Those who support our activities, help children, lend a helping hand at the right moment. Without you, it would not be possible to provide all the goods to our wards with such high quality and efficiency.

Thanks to Elena Minahina for many years of help in the form of the varied seafood! Always fresh, healthy and delicious! Thank you for having such a friend as you!

Thanks to our fairy Olya, who sometimes just rescues and appears at the moment when we really need help. Olya buys medicines, goodies, stationery, and gives entertainment for our kids. For example, when the 3rd group partially stayed at the Centre in the summer, she paid for their trip to the cinema with all sorts of McDonald’s delicacies and unusual ice cream. And on the Children’s Day, Olechka bought everything for our party’s cooking. Olya, we appreciate and love you very much! Thank you for being around!

Marinochka Tkach and her lovely family

Kind, considerate, caring people who can organize cool and fashionable shopping for our teenage girls, closing the necessity of clothes. Also, this wonderful family made gifts not only for the girls of the Centre, but also for the employees! Everything that concerns the need for household goods, sweets, fruit, this family always supports us! Thanks for all!


May all goodness return a hundredfold!


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