8 Nov, 2021
The Achievements’ Board

Our traditional small award for the pupils of the Centre for success in their studies, in everyday life and communication. It is very important to celebrate the ‘ups’ of our kids, to praise them for their victories and efforts.

1st group:

Anton, Julia, Ilya – in a short time they learned to follow the rules of the Centre, dress up independently, fold clothes, make the bed, make friends, show interest in all types of activities in the classroom, and even began to share their emotions more.

2nd group:

Lera – learned to understand and express her needs and desires. She’s formed the habit of looking after her appearance, became neat and smart. She learned to negotiate and build friendly relations with children, became more patient and restrained.

3rd group:

Kirill – learned to express his opinion in a reasoned manner, began to work more on himself, to approach his studies diligently and to carefully fulfill his duties and assignments. He’s also: honest, frank and caring.