3 Mar, 2016
The new ward

Greet the new ward in our family – Bogdanchika, 6 years. The City of Happy Children center helps unfortunate children since 2007. 9 years have so quickly flown by. It has been already made so much… so many already sad and happy stories we saw. Kids find a shelter and protection against alcoholic parents, parents addicts in the Center. These are children who have endured too much – violence, hunger, they have been thrown by own mother and the father at which of them relatives have died, and now they just are necessary to nobody. The Center of children provides necessary – clothes, food, medical care. A task of the Center – to help children to return to normal life, to get stronger spiritually and physically. And we thank you for the fact that you help us to do our serious work! Without you we wouldn’t cope. Let all children will be happy!