27 Jan, 2016
The story of miracles and faith in the best. Aliona and Evgen found a family!

Alyona and Zhenya’s family history was filled with indifference and cruelty of adults where they always preferred alcohol, but not to raise children. Once children got to a shelter because mother long time was absent. When Alyona and Evgeny for the first time came to our Center, eyes of the girl were filled with fatigue of the adult woman which is exhausted through care of the younger child, and Evgeny, in turn, accepted adults, as threat which it is necessary to avoid and hide from them. Every day the stay in the Center children still believed in “the adults” that those, at last will remember them, will cease to drink, all will be able to make to take away them home. But, news about abuses of biological mother of alcohol, later – about death of the father Zhenya were the response to hopes. For Alenochki the perception of reality became superheavy, the soul of the girl was captivated by disappointment. It was even more difficult to recognize and confirm in court about that unwillingness to live together with mother, continuing it to love and to worry about it. Soon children learned about death of mother. Zhenya endured loss, destroying everything that was on his way, breaking toys, furniture. With each news, every day the world of children broke and filled with pain, despondency and disappointment. Evgeny to himself didn’t admit anybody and trusted nobody. Alyona, in turn, isn’t able to transfer loss behind loss ran away to “the world of dreams”, avoiding painful memoirs. Adults had to bear on the hands of 6 and 10 summer children, in embraces to warm, helping to endure pain and a grief. Over time Alyona found close people in employees of the Center and children, and Evgeny, having learned to make, started repairing, but not to destroy that surrounded it. Observing as their friends find families, children started dreaming of that they had careful father and mother. Days of expectations, desires, hopes I lasted long for them infinitely. Alyona lost hope, saying that the already adult… “Such children aren’t taken in families any more… who will want to take Zhenya if he behaves so badly?” – she Spoke. Children again felt that they are necessary to nobody: not such, bad that are unworthy. Only in letters to Father Frost wrote about dream to have a family from the far-away country where would remind nothing to them about endured where Alyona could become the oceanologist where the best doctors for the brother where they will be able to learn other world – the world where love you. And in day when the hope almost died away when these children ceased to trust and dream… The family responded, through thousands of kilometers like all heart history of these two remarkable children. Which, without knowing their language, I could on gestures, smiles, drawings, to find a key to children’s hearts and to fulfill their cherished dream – to receive the real Family where there is a father and mother who will be near always! Despite all difficulties, difficult situations and problems, always believe in the best, don’t stop to dream and hope, as Lena and Zhenya! Because each child costs a happy family and light prospect, each person is worthy to have the family, the world in which it is cozy and reliable.