11 Sep, 2015
We need some help!

In our Center of children provide necessary: clothes, food, medical care. Here psychological rehabilitation – “rescue” of children after all that they had to see and worry begins. And this most difficult – after all internal “wounds” of the kid it is more difficult to treat, than a body wounds. Task of the Center – to help children to return to normal life and to strengthen them spiritually and physically. Everyone has the bed and the room. A cosiness, as in the real house – a restoration basis. First, almost all children of the Center never lived in normal conditions, and they are glad to any “” a corner. Secondly, physical health can be restored only if the kid eats well, lives in heat and in a cosiness. We need the help in payment of utilities for next autumn months. The center lives philanthropists only with money, and without your help to it not to consult! Let’s not be we will remain away from problems of these children and we will present them comfortable conditions for life, heat and a cosiness! https://ubb.org.ua/en/project/1659/