25 Dec, 2021
Educators of the Centre

Educators of the Helping Centre ‘Home of Happy Children’ are people who are not used to hide from life’s difficulties. They stoically withstand them and teach this to others.

Why would they?

  1. This is an experience that cannot be replaced by anything. Many of them come for an internship and do not even have a comparison with their previous professional background. This is something new and very authentic. For a teacher, this is always the growth of new horizons.
  2. This is a challenge to yourself. Working in the Centre, educators overcome themselves each time, their stereotypes. You need to be flexible and non-standard and understand that there is no story.
  3. It is a vulnerable sincerity. Every day you need to be as frank as possible, prove your ability to be safe and become necessary for the child. Sometimes it hurts because it affects you. But you also have to live your own history.
  4. It is an irreplaceable need. Feeling the need for a child in you, in your presence, wisdom and warmth is difficult, but at the same time attracts and does not let go. You begin to live like in another world. In which you become indispensable for the child. Responsibly and simultaneously with the feeling of a pleasant victory in a cruel world, which is increasingly losing the ability to build lively relationships.

Thanks to such people, the Centre becomes more than just an institution. This is a real pack, united by something more than domestic disagreements.