18 Dec, 2014
Good deeds with warmth in the heart

A company Veneto arranged an eleemosynary action, that lasts to December, 22. All facilities from purchases in theonline shop of orthopaedic pillows of Венето the “Child’s dream” will go on the purchase of gifts for children from ourCenter. Join an eleemosynary action “Kind businesses with a heat ina heart” from a company Венето!

Before New Year’s holidays every child believes that wonders happen! Therefore, let us create a fairy-tale together with Венето, in fact soon is a day of Saint Nicholas, and all children of Ukraine look forward to the gifts and sweetnesses!

First miracle that was accomplished by Saint Nicholas – saved it three sisters from a terrible fate, unnoticed putting to them in a house three sacks with gold. you also can become a fairy-tale magician not only for the children but also for children from shelter “City of happy children”!

In “Венето” there are the sacs that you can take advantage of, to join an eleemosynary action: you need to purchase the orthopedic pillow of Венето the “Child’s dream” with a 20% discount.

You will present to the children a comfort dream and simultaneously will help shelter “City of happy children”. Infact facilities that will be rescued from the sale of pillows of Венето the “Child’s dream” in an online shop from 15.12.2014 to 22.12.2014 year, will be enumerated in the fund of shelter.