14 Jul, 2015
How the fate of the children center change

Today we want to tell you story of the girl who endured heartrending, serious experiences. Ania’s mother died, the girl took loss of the native person very hard. It still had father who lived in other area, abused alcohol, not too joined to education of the child. After death of mother, the girl got to our Center. It became part of our close-knit and big family.

So it happened that in a place of a registration of the father of Ania, the district court recognized him as the child’s trustee. Under the law service for children (in this case the Solomensky area) and our employees had to give simply Ania the biological father. But the matter is that the father for half a year came to the Center to visit the girl only three times and two of them were drunk. All experts saw that to the person who leads such life, isn’t interested in health of the child, doesn’t show interest to her hobbies, progress, dream, not to care of its future, – it is impossible to give the child!

Except specialists of service and Center, Ania has the native uncle who didn’t become aside destiny of the girl. The uncle tried to acquire all the time the right to become Ania’s trustee as very much loves the girl, has the family, wants to present it the worthy future and a family cosiness. For the child this situation was very difficult and emotionally intense, after all its destiny was decided, on this decision depended his future life.

Assessing a situation and realizing that by a court decision the girl can appear under the care of the father who abuses alcohol, our social teacher YuryKashpur who is the conductor between the child on external the world (schools, the organizations, services, courts, parents) which represents and protects interests and the rights of children, and the employee of Solomensky service Natalya Protsenko, went to area to appeal a judgment and to win the right of the girl for the happy, full future.

At last, all opportunities, efforts and desires weren’t in vain! The court accepted all remarks, arguments and the facts from service for children and the employee of our Center therefore, the uncle had an opportunity to become Anina the trustee. Here so the staff of services and the Center care of destiny of each child, arrange it better the future, considering his desires and interests. Immense happiness is that the child, after all sufferings and the endured grief, will grow in a family where it is loved truly and cares of it, hear it. Also it is only one history. Our tutors, social teachers, psychologists, use every day the best efforts that children were happy and appeared in families where will love them.

We are proud from that is part of important mission on the earth which is related to the CHILD.