30 Sep, 2016
September 30 – Day of adoption

In the last day of September, in day of a big orthodox holiday – Day of Saint martyrs Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov and mother of their Sofia, Ukraine celebrates the Day of adoption. This day is a symbol of mercy and good in relation to people.

This day on behalf of all staff of our Center of the help we express sincere gratitude to people with larger and sensitive heart for love of children, daily tireless work, patience.
Thanks to families, accepted on education of orphans, disabled children, children with HIV infection and other serious illnesses. Thanks to all of employees of the centers of the help, shelters for laborious, sincere work with pupils.

Every year in Ukraine the number of the families wishing to take the child deprived of parent guardianship increases. And it is fine. We go in the right direction.
It would be desirable to notice that today there is no problem with adoption of children under 5 years, on the contrary, there is a waiting list for adoption. More difficult situation with adoption of children of advanced age. In particular, aged after 11 years it is much more orphan children, than persons interested to adopt them. It is what all of us still need to work on.

For now we tell you thanks! Also we wish that children found the families and parent heat.